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Hello my dear guest!

Welcome to my website and let me introduce myself.
My name is Maryna Papiashvili

and I'm a home baker and

owner of Piggy's bakery.

All About Me


Baking was always my passion, I loved cooking and baking since I was 10. I was making cakes for my family at first, but one day my girlfriend asked if I could make a cake for her. That`s how my business started. I became quite popular in my city and was making orders after my regular work. In 2020 I came to USA with Fiancé visa (I'm from Ukraine). My husband persuaded me to start a bakery business, I didn`t believe I could do that here though. And here we are))))
I make my cakes and sweets from scratch. All my products are made from natural and fresh ingredients without any added artificial flavors,  preservatives, etc. Quality inside and outside is very important for me. I tried to mix American and Eastern European kind of pastries in my menu, to provide the perfect combination of flavors and textures.
The most enjoyable part for me is decorating. I always try new techniques and never stop learning. I'm honored to had the workshops with such an amazing world known bakers as Kek couture (Turkey) , Tortik Annushka, Elena Gnut, Ilzi bakery (Russia) and Pastelaria Batalha (Portugal). And I plan to continue improving my skills.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I was working as microbiologist for over 10 years in the Ukraine. I was published in some international microbiologist journals with my professors making studies in gynecologic infections.

  • I was a professional powerlifter, took 2nd place in my body weight category (deadlift 254 lb)

  • When my husband and I started dating he called me Piggy and I called him Monkey. So when it came to naming my bakery he jokingly gave it this name and I didn’t mind…. I think it`s cute)))

Thank you for choosing my bakery, I'm happy to have the opportunity to make something special for your occasion

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